So often we play a game of who we are, and who we are to become.  We hold ourselves back from the brink of falling utterly into our passion because we fear how we may be viewed.  The most powerful thing we could attempt is to own our own style.

I have met several people in my lifetime where I did not agree with them, their antics, or their beliefs… but the ones that straight up owned it, unabashed and fearlessly… I could still respect.

Trying to find the answer to who you are is a lot like trying to find an object in a dark room.  However, the more you set yourself on fire, the darkness tends to fade into light, and you can begin to find your way.  Finding yourself is the most powerful tool you will ever develop.  It is the root of true strength.  Strength extends beyond your body and muscles.  It will integrate itself into your surroundings.

Elliott Hulse said: “The most rebellious ones who said, ‘fuck you, I’m doing it this way, and I’ll show you why!’ … are the most powerful”… and in strength culture the ones we worship.  “When your soul chooses to inhabit your body, that it’s going to go on this journey of life with…. It knows that there are certain challenges that will happen in order to make you grow.”


I have been a Black Sheep all of my life.  There were times, especially when younger, that I thought something perhaps was wrong with me.  People would often watch me, and I would think in a negative way.  As I grew older I learned to embrace that concept as I learned how beautiful walking your own path, in your own way, can be.  It’s all a gamble.  I had to learn to let go and let my heart take over.  When I did that, I saw how much love was returned my way.  I realized I became a leader, a friend, a lover, and started to succeed.  Simply by owning my own style and letting what is going to happen, happen.

When you are on the platform, embrace what is about to happen.  Embrace your own style.  I can often seem intense in my lifting.  Pacing around, staring down the barbell, screaming as I rip it through the air or explode into a lift.  When I succeed I will scream and slam the barbell onto the ground, or perhaps throw it down defiantly as we are often in a struggle together. Sometimes I fail, and I swear loudly at the barbell, or plead with it. I let it create its own personality as I merge with it.  Those that lift will often know the transient relationship of the barbell and your body.  It is a dance.  The more you let yourself go on the platform, the more a transcendence will happen.  Free yourself from mental and physical slavery.  Embrace the moment and set yourself on fire.

Even now, by writing this blog, I set myself up for criticism.  I don’t know if people read this and enjoy it, or if people read this and think I’m an idiot.  It doesn’t matter.  By my writing this I become stronger in my own way, and that will transfer onto the platform, which will yield success into myself and my life.  Fucking own it.  When you own something, no matter how crazy it or you may seem, people will respect that, and thus respect you.  Look onto the horizon and take your steps.