Throughout my life I have had to be, or become a leader or coach… whether I wanted to or not. It is what it is… at some point I learned to accept that. I’ve made great decisions and piss poor ones that affected those who watched or followed me. From time-to-time people have sought me out to help them athletically in various styles of fitness. I, in no way, by posting this am claiming to be some profound coach, I am not certified, and I do not claim to be elite… I believe what people may see is my tenacity, ability to persevere, explain, and coach… that, and I am not retarded. Phenomenal athletes do not necessarily make great coaches or leaders, and great coaches are not necessarily amazing athletes. While the genres can be interchangeable, the skill sets are different and unique. This morning I worked with a younger athlete who is filled with potential and strength… a strength that I do not know that he fully understands he possesses. We worked hard for several hours and at moments I was overwhelmed with a thought: The workout was highly technical (see Power and Grace Weightlifting Jan. 26th for more details) and at times we were both challenged in ways that were humbling. I wanted so bad to coach him into his potential as I watched him fail certain lifts time after time (in some cases mine were not pristine either, but I could stick them). I have, through years of living and experiencing, developed a great kinetic eye and general knowledge of strength and conditioning. Today, I was overwhelmed by how much I needed to explain to him, but couldn’t. Where to start? At the same time this feeling was both great and saddening. It was saddening because I wanted it to happen quicker. I wanted to drop more knowledge and see it happen more quickly than was able to occur. It was great in that the more I learn, perform, and coach… I realize that it only gets more complicated; there is more to learn. Like walking into a library and seeing all of the books… are you overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information? Or are you happy to see that there is so much to learn? In this case, as always, the barbell teaches yet another lesson. A lesson in patience, today. And the barbell does not lie….